Hello All! My name is Trish and I am ecstatic to have you here at my site.. I am very passionate about the wellness industry and could not imagine any other life that would be more fulfilling to me than helping other achieve their health goals. If you were to ask my clients, friends or family to describe me in one word, it would undoubtedly be “ENERGY”.  My group fitness classes are challenging yet full of fun, sweat and smiles. I am certified through the National Academy of Sports and Medicine, Schwinn cycling instructor, ACE group fitness instructor, Lagree fitness Pilates instructor. As a personal trainer, I specialize in body sculpting, weight loss and core strength.

My motto is “It’s ALL ABOUT THE CORE!”  As a woman, I always struggled with strengthening and defining my Core, which for me included all of the muscles from the glutes all the way up to the shoulders. Throughout the years, I became obsessed with finding the best techniques and solutions that would provide me with that desired flat stomach and sexy back. After many years of trail and error, I finally found the right training method that completely reshaped my entire stomach and upper and lower back. Little did I know that during this journey of reshaping my Core, I would also find the secrets to injury prevention! By strengthen muscles in and around my spine, I no longer have low back pain or shoulder pain. I can now run faster than I ever could before, hold yoga poses I never thought possible, strength train with 2x the weight I used before, and all around live a life without any physical or mental restrictions holding me back.

Today, my life has changed and I have never looked or felt better! My goal now is to share my training methods with others and help them find their own strength and power through health and fitness. No more back pain, no more shoulder pain and especially no more one-piece bath-suits! There is no doubt in my mind that if you reshape your CORE, you will reshape your life!

Today, you can find me on the Westside of LA working with the top boutique fitness studios as well as training clients at their home.   Outside of teaching and training, you can bet I’ll either be cooking in my kitchen, shopping for workout clothes, hiking through the great outdoors or running alongside great friends at the beach.

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