SEX in the city to FIT in the city

The rumors are definitely true-NYC really is the city that never sleeps! The moment you step out the door, you are on the move.  Even you’re quick trip to the grocery store can turn into an episode from mission impossible. I can’t help but smile and embrace the faced-paced energy that surrounds my every move.

Speaking of faced paced, lets make this 100% clear; the subway is the best form of transportation ever invented.  This city is seriously massive!  Yet no matter where you are, you can get to the other side of town within 20mins.  No driving, no gas, no car payment; just you, your book, and 100,000 people.  Just outright amazing!

I’ve definitely taken advantage of the subway system while jumping around town to check out the top ranked NYC gyms and private studios.  Wow!  I was once again shocked at how huge the fitness scene is here.  Even though I have hit a new studio everyday this past week, I feel as though I have conquered less than 1% of the fitness scene.  My quick 2 week “fit exploration” has most certainly extended into a 2-month adventure!  Some people may be a bit overwhelmed by this, but I say bring on the sweaty clothes and sore muscles NYC! I’m so ready for you!

Well, that was my response until I stepped into Stacey’s Soulcycle class on Friday.  I mean, I’ve been teaching spin for 8 years, I can literally ride a bike in my sleep.  How hard can this really be? OMG! This woman is bad ass instructor can literally kick my butt! Her energy is so inspiring and her music truly lights a fire in your soul.  You can’t help but dance, cheer and sing during her class.  She is the true definition of what a soul instructor should be!

I was also pleasantly humbled as I walked into Brooklyn Body Burn SPX Pilates class. As fellow Mega former personal trainer and instructor, I once again thought to myself “I’ve totally got this”.  Holy shakes! Tracey is a stud who really brought the burn into my body. Not only is she a motivating instructor, she is very educated and gives clear direction of what muscles should be working during every exercise.  No wonder her classes are fully booked, she’s most certainly one of Brooklyn’s finest trainers.

Out of the 7 different classes I have taken, these two stood out to me the most. Of course, I have many more fitness experiences to go which I most certainly will be sharing with you all.  For now, make sure you must check out Stacey’s class at Soulcycle and Tracey’s at Brooklyn Body Burn in NYC.  I can grantee you won’t regret it! Just make sure to plan ahead because these ladies class’s book up real quick.

Have a great weekend and stay fit!

Links to Sign-up for Soulcycle or Brooklyn Body Burn:

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