The new year has begun…HECK YES!!!! Who wouldn’t be pumped up about letting go of the past and starting anew.  No matter how amazing your 2012 year has been, you can always find new ways to grow and better yourself in the new year.  So, lets begin! Without thinking, open up a word document now and write “Goals for 2013”.

Ok grey, the subject line is up…Now what? Its simple, just start writing. Don’t worry about the outline or structure of the document, begin by asking yourself a few questions: Where do you see yourself in 6 months from now? Do you love your job? Are you building positive relationships with the people around you? What would you like to change about your everyday life? What did you miss from this past year that you hope to have in this new year? Whatever it is, making more money or losing extra lbs, write it down! Do not hesitate and do not hold back on anything, even if it seems silly as you are writing it. As soon as you feel some weight lifted off your shoulders, go back and begin to review.  Take your written thoughts, develop them into goals, explain in detail how you are going to accomplish it, and express your reason as to why you have it on your sheet.

Now that you have this beautifully written goal sheet, print it out and keep it close by you at all times.  I am serious, guard it with your life!  I personally print out about 10 of my goal sheets and put them in areas I constantly am around.  You can find my goal sheets hidden in my purse, my car, on my nightstand, in the kitchen “everything” drawer, in my daily planner, and even in my closet.  I also save them on my phone and keep them as the background picture on my computer.  You may think its a bit extreme, but one thing is certain: I am absolutely unable to run away from my goals 🙂

Ok, lets be honest.  At the end of the year you may not accomplish all of your goals, but so what!  You can add them to your list for 2014 and try again.  Thats not so bad, right? Here is what I can tell you: once the 2013 year comes to an end and you are able to sit back and look over your “Goals for 2013” sheet, I can guarantee you’ll smile and be pleasantly surprised.  It’s then when you’ll realize how much of your goals you actually DID accomplish. Take that moment and be proud of how much you have grown over the past year.  Its not about what we did not accomplish, but what we did.  Its in times like these we are reminded that each new day we have the opportunity to get up and change our life. Lets start by putting our thoughts into words and words into actions.  Its in these actions, we will make everyday the best day of the rest of our lives.

So, get writing and start doing!

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