This Year, Nothing Will Knock You Down!

Yup, I know what your thinking…”Ya right, you are crazy Trish! I could never run 13.1 or 26.2 miles!” I know this, because I said the same thing to my best friend only 6 years ago.  And since then, I have ran over 12 half marathons, 3 full marathons, and even an ultra marathon.  I guess you can say I was addicted to racing, but it ran much deeper than just that.

Everyone has a story or reason as to why they got into fitness. For some people, it was their way of losing weight or getting that sexy body you see in those “always airbrushed” magazines.  Yet for me, it was something different.  When I was 18 years old, I was told I had a large cyst on the left side of my thyroid. This lump was causing a disruption in the distribution of my hormones as well as causing problems with my metabolism.  They needed to first biopsy it, make sure it did not have any active cancerous cells and then taking the necessary steps to removing it. My first reaction was “ Um, what’s a thyroid? and I’m only 18 years old and just left home to move to San Diego to study school. What do you mean?”  Well, what they meant was, the next 6 months were going to be quite the emotional roller coaster ride (and I’m sure hormone imbalance from the cyst sure didn’t help with it all)! It was during those 6 months where my life really changed.  I didn’t realize it then, but this little bump in the road was the best thing that ever happened to me.  The week I found out about the lump, I began running. No, not running, sprinting!  I guess I thought that if I ran really fast, I could run it out of my body.  The fight was officially on: Little Me vs. The Big Lump.  Unfortunately, “running it off” did not work as I had hoped, but the great thing was I was officially hooked on “the runners high”.  This amazing feeling came about me every time I pushed myself through that last sprint or uphill climb.  No matter how bad I was feeling earlier, I felt more powerful each and every run and it changed my entire mental state. I was getting better because I was getting stronger, mentally and physically. 

In times like these, you truly realize life can change in the blink of an eye.  I one of the fortunate ones as my lump came back bi-nine and I was able to keep the other half of my thyroid.  After my surgery, my doctor said I could go about life as usual and nothing would change.  Well, sorry doc, that wasn’t the case for me.  My entire life had changed. Without any hesitation, I booked a 7 month trip to Europe where I would study in Oxford, backpack around Western Europe with myself, live in Spain, and run my first half marathon.  Lots to do it only one year, but I was ready! It was time to let go of the excuses, and become the person I always envisioned myself to be.  I wanted to live a life that pushed me out of my comfort zone and into new and exciting adventures.  I still continue this philosophy today, and its why I continue to challenge myself to do all these crazy races.  What I had said was impossible before, I am doing today! I can now say, little me won the fight against the big lump. 

The reason I explained this long story is to let you know, fitness can change your life.  No matter what type of struggles you are going through today or have had in the past, you have the power to overcome them.  Get up and start fighting for your life! Set a new goal for yourself and do not give up until you achieve it. You absolutely can lose those 20lbs, race your first marathon, and swim through your first triathlon.  No excuses! What you have said was impossible in the past, you will make possible this year.  Let make 2013 a winning year! A year where nothing will knock you down! 

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  1. ‘This Year Nothing will Knock you down!” really has been my mantra. After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer and learning I would require surgery, chemo and radiation, I worried about not being able to keep up the exercise habits that I love. Trish is the perfect spin instructor for me as she combines enthusiasm, energy and encouragement. Her workouts are different each day and her music selection keeps them hopping! Being able to keep up an exercise routine has helped me to recover faster, minimize side effects and to continue to enjoy life to the fullest. Thanks,Trish!

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